Relocating Digital Rebel’s Headquarters

At Digital Rebel, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring you some awesome content.  As we’ve expanded to get all this content ready for you, we’ve realized that we needed more space, so we moved our location!  We thought the move was going to be extremely stressful, so we did research and found some great tips.  We’ve compiled that info and have added in some of the stuff we learned during the move into the cheat-sheet below – if you’re going to be moving anywhere, we hope you’ll find this guide useful!

For those of you who are curious, we recently made the move to the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area – and we are loving it!  If you live in the area, we’d love to catch up with you =)  Without further ado:

Moving Company DFW - Dallas and Fort Worth

Some Insights on Choosing the Ideal Company

Choose the kind of mover you require, such as a moving solution, interstate moving company, neighborhood movers, or home shipper.

Talk with your close friends or neighbors that have relocated lately for referrals. A word of mouth reference is the ideal way to be assured the movers will certainly do excellent work.

Ask potential agents for recommendations, and also give them a call to find out exactly how pleased their clients are with past moves (testimonials are a great resource).

Obtain written price quotes from at least 3 movers prior to making a decision.

Moving can be on the expensive side, so in order to decrease the hourly charges for a short-distance move, you may wish to attempt to do as much of the packing yourself that you can. Do keep in mind that movers generally won’t insure boxes that you’ve packed yourself, though.

Think about if you would prefer the moving company to pack and exactly what other extra services you could need.

Notify the moving company of uncommon circumstances, such as accessibility or vehicle parking issues so they can give you the most accurate quote possible. If the moving company does not understand possible troubles ahead of time, surcharges might be added on. Confirm that the agent is accredited. You can make inquiries from agencies that regulate transportation, or search online for things like the Division of Transport (DOT).

Spend time talking with each moving firm. It’s an excellent indicator that they will offer outstanding solutions if they take the time to understand your moving needs. If the business representatives aren’t useful and pleasant, call another company.

Things to Steer Away From while Picking a Moving Company

Phone Estimates – Do not accept them. Moving is a complex task with tons of variables, and it’s impossible to give an accurate quote without seeing the locations as well as the things that are going to be moved.

Don’t Pack Items You’re Going to Get Rid of Anyway – Throw away things you are probably going discard anyway. If you take these with you, it will increase the costs of the move.

Avoid Brokers – If you are trying to find moving companies on the web, don’t use brokers. Once you sign with a broker, they market the work to the highest bidder; that’s the last you’ll hear of them. With a broker, you won’t know what company is going to appear on moving day, which is unsettling. You might get stuck with a mover with terrible reviews and service.

Do not permit a moving company bait you with reduced per hour rates. You’re spending money for your possessions to be delivered carefully and properly. Keep in mind that you usually get what you pay for.  We almost went with a really cheap mover, but we checked their reviews and saw that they were pretty careless with people’s possessions.

Concerns to Address with Prospective Movers

Make sure you obtain the answers to these inquiries before you settle on the best mover.

  • What is the estimated shipping time and date?
  • How will the driver communicate with me?
  • If I pack everything myself, what kind of packing products are appropriate?
  • How can I pay? Cash, charge cards, checks, money orders?
  • When do I pay?
  • Will they take everything apart as well as rebuild at the destination?
  • If I have acquired obligation insurance and I should make a claim, just what is the procedure?
  • How long has your moving been in business?
  • Do you offer storage solutions?
  • Are you authorized for interstate transportation? (If required)

Crucial Paperwork for the Move

  • Be certain you have all of these documents filled out prior to moving day.
  • A certificate to show proof of the moving insurance policy.
  • A written quote/estimate.
  • Evidence of employees compensation coverage, to protect you if someone gets hurt during the move.
  • A thorough item inventory. You will sign an inventory sheet upon loading the truck up. When the shipment reaches your brand-new residence, the moving truck driver will again present the inventory sheet to you for you to sign.

Moving to a new home can be a taxing experience, but rest easy knowing that you aren’t the first person to move. Follow the helpful tips above and you should have a great move!