A New Digital Rebel, a New Brand Identity

As the new owners of DigitalRebel.net, we would like to welcome you to our new site!  Please excuse our mess as the site is very much under construction, but you should find tons of awesome resources here soon!  Please keep checking back, participate in the comments sections, shoot us emails, and subscribe to our weekly e-zine!  To start off the launch of the new site, we’re going to be holding a logo design competition.  Right now our staff is walking around with boring old Polos and button-downs on, but we want to get some shirts embroidered, get our new signs and banners made, and start establishing our identity/brand.

So, while we work out what we’re going to give away for the logo competition, you can read more about how we’re going to monogram our new polos… exciting stuff!

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, monogramming is defined as “a symbol that has the first letters of a person’s first, middle, and last names and that is put on towels, blankets, clothes, etc. as a decoration or to show ownership.” Historically, Greeks and Romans used monogramming for identification purposes of their rulers. Monogramming is also commonly used by artists and designers as a means to identify their brand. Presently, monogramming still plays a crucial role for businesses and individuals. It’s important for businesses as it can be a vehicle for advertising and spirit. Additionally, it provides individuals with luxury.  We’ve decided to go with RiverCity Sportswear (http://welogoit.com/embroidery-austin-san-antonio-and-san-marcos) to have our embroidery work done, and we’re quite excited!

Advertising is the deciding factor to the success of a business. And it’s costly. In order for a business to grow it’s important to have diverse strategies for getting their name out to possible customers. Monogramming is a beneficial way to do this. They are able to monogram their products and they can also monogram promotional items. Both will effectively promote their business. Products that are monogrammed act as a billboard for businesses. Using Louis Vuitton as an example, owners of big-name brand products are continually advertising the richness, usefulness, and functionality of their products. Famous monograms are unmistakable. Similarly, monogramming giveaways is another brilliant way to get a business’s name circulating. This can be achieved on t-shirts, backpacks, or even reusable bags. 

Monogramming allows loyal customers and fans the ability to use, or wear, their products with pride. “Loyal customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you,” states Chip Bell. Sports fans everywhere look for monogrammed items to show their spirit for their team. They are proud and will pay top dollar to display this. Likewise, monogram products like Michael Kors offer their loyal customers the same opportunity. Monogramming is essential for offering items that provide loyal customers and fans the opportunity to promote the spirit they have.

As with the above examples of luxury designers monogramming their products, monogramming is luxurious. Monogrammed towels, bathrobes, blankets, and soaps in the home can make an individual feel classy. Monogramming is a distinguished form of identity. Displaying these items can add a royal touch to any wardrobe or home. They can also be the perfect posh gift that will make the recipient feel special. Giving a monogrammed gift will be personalized, showing thoughtfulness from the giver.

In conclusion, monogramming is the world’s oldest form of imprint. It still provides numerous benefits today. Businesses can use monogramming for their products and promotional items as a vehicle for advertising. It allows the loyal fan the ability to wear their team’s logo with pride. Monogramming offers individuals the ability to add touches of class to their homes. They can also use monogramming on their wardrobe to establish identity. Who knew that stitching letters, one, two, or the traditional three, would become a timeless art? As Glenn O’Brian stated, “A Monogram is your name boiled down the essence, with graphic artistry.”